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Timeless   |   Elegant   |   Unique 

Masterpieces  from your precious horse.

Horse in photo studio

Horse with black background


Experience your horse in a 
completely new light

Photographing your horse in the studio means only concentrating on the essentials and creating the necessary atmosphere through the targeted play of light and shadow in order to get emotionally close to your horse and to express its grace and beauty.


The result:No distracting elements, only your horse is the focus and becomes a sculpture of its own being. All its details and peculiarities come to light undisturbed and evoke a feeling of magic and fascination when looking at it.

"Perfectly Imperfect"

No matter if youngster, gray senior, wild pony or licensing winner. Every horse is beautiful in its own way and brings a unique personality with it. No horse has to be the perfect model, I'm happy about character heads with rough edges and a lot of charm!

Exclusively designed 
for your home

My goal is to create unique, high quality and timeless works of art for you, that never lose their appeal and that endure over the years and with all their technical changes. For this, the fine art prints and murals are printed at selected photo laboratories at the highest quality level. 

And in order to create the best visual result (and experience) for you, I will support you with my know-how in the design, taking into account your taste and your wishes. Because not only the right place, but also the size,  the color of the frame, as well as other criteria play an important role so that your pictures can be presented harmoniously. And to make it a little easier for your imagination, I can use special software to simulate the potential result for you. 

The pictures are great, but can my horse do it too?

I answer these and other questions below in the FAQs

Are you ready to enjoy your horse's beauty forever captured in photographic art?

Thanks to my mobile studio, I can easily come to your stable. An undisturbed and weather-resistant place  of approx.  3 x 10 x 3m (W x L x H) is required for the studio.  An indoor arena would be ideal, but also any barn-like building, a wide stable lane, or similar are well suited.


Your Investment

An unforgettable gift for yourself, or for that special horse lover in your life.

The offer is currently being revised. If you are interested in a shoot, just send me a non-binding inquiry.

Anker FAQ Studio
  • Can you morally defend the ride?
    Many horse strongholds are usually also tourist magnets and horse rides are offered in droves. Whether in the Camargue, Tuscany, Andalusia, Crete & Co. Basically, I do not support this use of horses, because in many places horses are often not in good health and are also ridden far too often during the day. Sometimes there are still really horse-friendly farms whose main business is not these rides and where you can really get on the horse with a clear conscience and enjoy a wonderful, comfortable ride.
  • Is my camera suitable for videography?
    Basically, you have to be aware that a still camera was not made for filming and is just a nice feature on many cameras. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the functions and suitability can vary greatly. A few models have very good video functions. Only you can decide whether your camera is sufficient for your requirements. Please have a look at my YouTube video, there talk about this topic. If in doubt, please write to me!Exceptions are the DSLM cameras (mirrorless). These were built as hybrids and are very suitable for videography. Of course there are also differences depending on the model and manufacturer in terms of the functions. For our purposes, however, any DSLM camera is really sufficient.
  • Which memory cards are suitable for videography?
    What kind of memory card you need determines what your camera demands. Basically, it doesn't matter whether SD, XQD or CF EXPRESS. For the workshop you need a write speed of at least 260mb/s and either 128GB size or 2x 64GB. ATTENTION: On some cards only the reading speed is indicated. However, you can find information about this on the manufacturer's website or on the sales website.
  • Which video editing program do I need?
    The 3 programs I have already mentioned are the most common on the market and differ only slightly. In order to be able to edit videos comprehensively and professionally, I recommend one of these 3. If you don't have Final Cut or Premiere yet and don't want to buy it at the moment, you can download DaVinci first. There is a free version and this is absolutely sufficient. But please be sure to familiarize yourself with your respective program beforehand, because this workshop is not intended to explain the different programs. You can find numerous and really detailed videos on each program on YouTube. I will be demonstrating and explaining everything using Final Cut Pro, but you can transfer everything to your program as the editing software works very similarly.
  • What do you mean by ND filter?
    I also explain why we need an ND filter in videography in my YouTube video. In short: Since you are tied to a fixed shutter speed, which is usually around 1/125s, the video may be severely overexposed. The ND filters are then put on/inserted for darkening. There is a workaround, but it's more bad than good and I would really only recommend it as a transition. If you don't have such a filter yet, I'm happy to advise you. You may also bring some to borrow.
  • Do I have to participate in all activities?
    Of course not! ;) No one is forced to do anything and no one is angry if you are not present everywhere. Of course I am happy when we go on a discovery tour together as a group, but everyone can decide for themselves what they would like to take part in. With some excursions, however, it is the case that these are also linked to a shooting afterwards. So not all of the possible excursion destinations are actually "just" an excursion.
  • What if I'd rather have my own room?
    In order not to break the price limit, I opted for a double room, because France is very expensive. But everyone has their own bed. Since I will most likely be renting a holiday home, please let me know in good time so that I can look for something suitable. However, there will definitely be an additional charge of around €300-500.
  • I am not a horse photographer, can I still participate?
    This photo tour is specially designed for photographers from the horse niche. Therefore, you should definitely have basic knowledge of horse photography.
Kontakt Studio

Let's plan
your shoot!

Interested in a photoshoot or do you have any questions? Leave me a non-binding message.  I am looking forward to reading from you!

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