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Come with me to beautiful Bavaria, where not far from the Schliersee a group of young Haflinger stallions on a varied alpine pasture offer us great photo opportunities.

13.06. - 16.06.24

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The Haflinger Horse

In the picturesque mountains of Tyrol, surrounded by an aura of legend and beauty, there rises a special creature: The Haflinger horse. With its golden coat and snow-white mane dancing in the wind, it embodies a symbol of freedom, strength and connection with nature.


Since the 19th century, they have won the hearts of many generations as loyal companions. The annual drive to the alpine pastures is still a tradition today, where the Haflinger horses grow up almost untouched and can fully live out their nature as mountain horses.

"Experience the original world of the Haflinger and be enchanted by its timeless beauty"

Haflinger Baum.jpg

What's waiting for you


Horses & Location

Around 14 young Haflinger boys aged 1-3 years are waiting for us on a private alpine pasture of around 60 hectares. The horses graze in different areas at an altitude of around 1000-1300 metres. Here we have a variety of possible motifs, such as small forests, large meadows, steep slopes and mountain panoramas. Not to forget what a vital source of nature this alpine pasture is, even without a camera. Bonus: We can also visit another Alm pasture nearby with Noriker horses. The landscape is a bit more open and offers a better mountain view.


Surroundings & Nature

The alpine pasture is located in the foothills of the Alps, not far from Schliersee. There is a lot to explore here apart from the horses. The region is known for its caves and waterfalls - the most famous of which are the Wendelstein Cave and the Josefsthal Waterfalls. There are also numerous hiking opportunities and it is not far to Kufstein with its medieval fortress.


Pictures of you

During our time together, I capture each participant's time with the horses in natural and unstaged photos, which they are welcome to use for their own website. You will receive both an edited version from me and the RAW files if you want to use your own image look.



We will visit the Haflingers 4 times in total to take photos. This means there is a lot of room for creative development and experimentation. I also have a few small photo challenges ready for us. We will organize the time between the photo sessions individually. Whether we edit pictures together, go on excursions or just relax, we will decide spontaneously :)

Details & Pricing

Your investment

Discovery Tour:

379€ pp


  • ​​4 photo sessions with the Haflingers

  • Access permit to the Alm during the travel period when accompanied by me

  • Fee to the owner of the Alm

  • Unrestricted use of photos/videos

  • At least 6 pictures of you as a digital file

Not included:

  • Travel expenses for arrival/departure

  • Accomondation

  • Meals, Drinks

  • Insurances

  • All costs not included in "Inclusive" are listed

Accomondation for 3 nights:

150€ pp in a shared double bedroom inkl. breakfast

​Room for exclusive use  may be available for an additional charge depending on availability.

More Details

Fitness level:


We will not hike long distances, but sure-footedness and weather resistance are required for this region. Sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather.

Experience & Skills:

  • Your DSLR/DSLM camera

  • A telephoto lens of at least 200mm is required

  • A wide angle or zoom up to 70mm for scenic shots with horse 

  • Your laptop (if you have)

  • Rain cover for your camera

The trip is aimed at photographers who already have basic knowledge of photography and can operate their camera independently.

Number of participants:

Min. 3 and max. 5 participants


Traveling by car is necessary. If that is not possible, we can try to find a solution. Please write to me about this!


​My dog will be on board with me, so you shouldn't be afraid of dogs or have an allergy or mind at all.

Haflinger Gruppe Alm-.jpg

Time Schedule

Here you can get a rough overview of our daily schedule. In order to remain spontaneous, however, this plan is only provisional and will be implemented flexibly on site.

Thu 13.06.24
Fri 14.06.24
Sat 15.06.24
Sun 16.06.24



Time Flexible

Photo session 1

16:30 - 18:00

Arrive, unpack, get to know each other, discuss

Time Flexible

Individual activities between the shootings (e.g. excursion, editing pictures together, relaxing, etc.)

18:00 - 19:00

Trip to the alpine pasture: Get an overview, greet the horses, enjoy nature

Time Flexible

Photo session 2

Time Flexible

Photo session 1

Zeit Flexibel

Individual activities between the shootings (e.g. excursion, editing pictures together, relaxing, etc.)

Time Flexible

Photo session 2


Sleep in comfortably, have breakfast together, say goodbye

Meals according to individual needs or together.

Interested in joining?

Just write me a non-binding message and I'll send you more informations.

Thank you!

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